Attention all Armchair Judges!

We’ve all become arm chair judges. It started with American Idol where we started judging “pitchiness” and “song choice”. But perhaps it really started with sports. I’m amazed to sit with friends watching sports and how they are critical while yelling at the screen. It’s almost like they played professional sports themselves.

But they didn’t. And never will.

When you start to advertise or market your business, many will be critical. They’ll think they can do it better. Like it’s their business and that they’re experts.

But they’re not.

However, we’re all recipients of advertising. Just like we can hear a great song. And we know a good play.

  • But being a recipient doesn’t make us a creator.
  • You can be a great student and be a lousy teacher.
  • A great thinker, but a horrible doer.

Be careful if you’ve convinced yourself that you’re an expert. Just because you see advertising.

Good marketing communications is an art form — and based on the science of response and predictability.

As much as many people act like they could be the judges on The Voice or American Idol, they aren’t. They didn’t put the time, the education, and the effort into the career that the “real” judges did. But understanding the audience is certainly part of the knowledge they possess.

Now that’s something we can all learn from reality TV.

It’s entertaining to watch; but it’s their wisdom that lets them select the best products/people/direction. Use someone with wisdom (who’ll voice it; even if it’s counter to your opinion) to help you with your marketing communications.

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