“Best Way To __________”

Just after my wife and I were married; someone shared with us a secret:

“Never wallpaper together”

They were wrong. They should have added “Never remove wallpaper together”. One word makes all the difference. We’ve purchased older homes and every one of them had horrible, glued, tacky wallpaper. And each time we’ve tried to tackle the removal, it also challenged our marriage vows. It’s definitely a “for better or for worse” moment.

It seems that everyone has the “way” to do it “better”. From machines, to sprays, to heat, to prayer. And, can I tell you after doing a bunch of trials, that there is absolutely no way to do it easily. It takes patience, hard work, and yes, prayer. The prayer is for getting along with whomever you’re working.

Have you ever tackled something incredibly hard and wished you could talk briefly to an expert in the field? Perhaps you search YouTube or email someone in search of some direction.

We deal with marketing communication issues ALL the time. We understand the concerns and questions (all with the heart of a teacher). And because we deal with a ministry-based audience, we know how to solve things very cost-effectively.

So given that, today we’re starting a new blog series entitled “Best Way To __________”. Our 3 general “rules”:

  1. Answers a regular question. And it’s the way we’d answer it to most of our clients
  2. It’s cost effective. Yes, there may be other ways, but we like inexpensive (as long as it makes sense)
  3. It’s simple to understand. Nothing complex here: we can help you but we want you to have the ability.

Starting next week; we’ll start our series. Have a question you want answered? Contact us and ask questions; you may see the answer in an upcoming blog.

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