Blogging. Simplified to 4 Tips.

I’ve been blogging for about 3 years. I started, not because I had something to say, but because I was promoting the benefits of blogging in my seminars. I figured I should try it. And 300+ blogs later, I’ve learned a lot.

Most importantly, my blogs are ALWAYS the top hits in our website. I have 1 blog that almost 10,000 have read. It’s given me influence I could never imagine. You need to start.

Here are 4 essential tips to doing it well (based on research):

  1. Make it personal. People love to read personal stories. Start with “I” and “Me”; then shift to “you” and “us”. Web pages that are personal blogs are read more and people spend more time on those pages. We’re all voyeurs.
  2. Make it short. The average “non-blog” page keeps people’s attention for about 10 seconds. A blog page holds people for almost 60 seconds. The average person reads about 300 words in that time. Keep your blog shorter than that.
  3. Make it visual. Attach a picture. Twice the people will read your blog if there’s a picture. I guess we all love picture books. I try to make my images a cleaver connection to the ultimate content of my blog.
  4. Make it simple. Add numbers to your titles and 3 times the people will read your blog. We view titles like “The 4 essential facts about life” as easy, quick, and simple. I can’t read a book about “life” but I’ll take the time to see how you synthesized “life” into 4 points. Use bullet points so that “scanners” will get intrigued.

80% of American Adults want to write a book. But few do. It’s easier to blog! We’d love to set up a simple, easy-to-edit blog on your web page. We’ll also associate it with your “brand”. Because, we let you “communicate. In unison.”

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