Be Known For Something Church Branding Book

So exciting! The Church Communication and Leadership book, Be Known For Something: Reconnect with Community by Revitalizing Your Church’s Reputation (Post-COVID edition), is AVAILABLE NOW.

Thanks to you it’s an Amazon Bestseller!

#2 Bestseller (Church Growth) AND #3 Bestseller (Church Leadership)

That’s amazing. It was written for you and you’re loving it!

Since most churches aren’t growing, while their surrounding areas are, the local church needs to reconnect with their Community. We all need to! This book gives the solution.


Here’s what key church leaders are saying:

“Any church that is intentional about reaching people outside their walls needs the insights offered in this book.”
Dr. Mel Blackaby, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church (Jonesboro, GA)

“In a world where the church is known more for what we are against, Mark challenges us and gives us the practical steps to revitalize the church’s reputation so we are known for something far more authentic. This book will help you find that unique thread you must embrace to connect again with your community and grow your church.”
Justin Dean, That Church Conference

Please keep praying for this book that God will continue to get it into the hands of Ministry Leaders around the world. Church, let’s be known for something relevant! This book shows you how.

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