Business Essentials 4: People

I’m always amazed when I have to deal with a server that seems to hate their job. Why is it that the wrong people choose the wrong careers?

People are funny. Until it comes to hiring (and working with) people. Then it becomes sobering. In order to have a successful company, you have to hire the right people.

Here are 4 principles that I use to ensure good people:

  1. Check their personality. Match your needs. Choose one of the personality tests and see who they “are”. Each of us have certain traits in various strengths. The combination makes for unique personalities (not good and bad, just different). And you have to know how they will “fit” with the current team. A group of dominants will argue all the time. A group of social people will talk all the time. A group of melancholies will end up making lists and picking at each other. Find the right blend and you’ll have a great team.
  2. Willingness. Nothing beats eager. Find someone who is willing to make even the smallest task amazing. Someone willing to put in long hours so they get better and propel you and your product to the top. Committed and loyal.
  3. Morals. You can’t train someone to be a moral person. But you have to have moral people; or your staff will rob you blind. From stealing hours, stealing clients, stealing office materials, to stealing ideas. Figure out how to tell these type of people; then hire them!
  4. Resume. Yes, make sure that the person has skills, has education (represents discipline), and a track record for sticking with a job.

Put those things together and you’ve got a gem. Polish the gem, encourage them, pay them well, and pour yourself into them. You’re on your way to a great business. Granted, I’ve made some mistakes in hiring, and I’ve learned from them. People are funny!

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