Celebrate 3 Freedoms Today!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 9 years since we watched in horror as the World Trade Center collapsed. It was the American symbol to the world for commerce and the celebration of our freedoms. It’s why the Terrorists targeted the buildings to slap the face of the whole country.

As the battle against terror has unfolded over the years, we’ve been fortunate that the terrorists have not be allowed to attack our land again to the same extent. We continue to pray that we withstand them.

So, as a business owner, what does freedom mean to you? Have you considered that we’re in a country that allows us a lot of freedom? We are blessed.

Here’s the 3 Freedoms we should celebrate:

  1. Freedom to Dream. Take an hour right after you’ve eaten but before you’ve gotten tired. Make sure you’re comfortable and have something to write on (paper, laptop or ipad); then hold all your calls and try to make yourself undisturbed. Start thinking about what you’d do if you were guaranteed of never failing. Then start listing dreams of having (things you’ll need or want),? dreams of being (be fluent in Spanish, be a better listener, etc.), ?dreams of doing (developing a business plan, talk to a business success person, etc.).
  2. Freedom to Achieve Goals. Goals are needed in order to feel successful. And studies have shown that you’ll be more apt to achieving your goals if you write them down (being as specific as possible). Start with your dreams and think of 3-4 steps you need to do in order to achieve your dreams. Make sure you’re working towards something, ALL the time. Start now.
  3. Freedom to Fail. Yes, failure is the best part. What?!? See, if you look at your dreams, and realize the worst thing that can happen is you’ll fail; you’ll realize that most time, failure doesn’t mean a horrible fate. Instead, you’ll learn through the process, and more times than not, you’ll succeed on the 2nd attempt. But just imagine if you didn’t try! Head into every goal with the dream of success, but be aware of the worst.

I love the fact that we have freedoms. Freedom to vote, freedom to religion, freedom of dreaming, etc. They were given to us by God and governments should protect them, rather than limit them. We are blessed. Celebrate today!

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