Feel Like Your Church Has Stalled?

I’m getting tired of sitting still. It seems like the economy has stalled so long, we all are accepting the status quo. We’re not moving. And in the winter, we’re content to sit inside and watching TV.

I see it everywhere. At work, at church, in stores, with friends.

I realize there are some bright spots thankfully, but apathy seems to have set in for so many of us. I hear people talking that their church is feeling stagnant. We attend. We leave. We attend. We leave. And then the Leaders of the church wonder why giving is down.

Let’s change this!

But how you may ask? Here’s 3 steps of what you can do:

  1. Be a Leader. If you look around and see nothing happening, or your group/community/class is growing stagnant, do something. Step up and be a leader! If you noticed these things, you qualify. But be careful, you just might become really busy. People may even respect you more. Keep looking over your shoulder though: if people aren’t following, you’re not leading well.
  2. Set a Vision. The hard part. This is the God-given, God-sized task that requires Him to get it done. But He wants YOU to be the catalyst. Involve as many people as possible, get input and listen. A listener is a great leader. The world often gets this wrong.
  3. Share a Plan. Find others who want to lead too. Then, look for good followers. Pray with them, be humble and most of all encourage! Everyone won’t buy into the long-term plan, but they’ll accomplish short-term goals. Others won’t do anything in the short-term but will love to reap the long-term rewards. Let them! We all need to succeed in life, and they’ll gladly buy into the next plan knowing you’re a successful Leader.

I’m excited about 2011. Let’s get doing something. God will use you. Maybe even to wake up the pseudo leaders that aren’t doing anything now.

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