Churches Need a Well. What’s Yours?

Jesus sat down at Jacob’s well (John 4). His Disciples weren’t with Him since they had other things they needed to be doing. Jesus was alone but He knew that people with a need would be coming to that location. Knowing He was in the very spot that ministry would happen, He set out to start a conversation about a physical provision and then made a turn so that His conversation would end on a spiritual solution.

What an amazing communication’s strategy.

What’s your well? Good marketing is knowing your audience, knowing where they seek solutions and providing them to the audience. Do you have a well? You need one.

We can’t expect people to wander off the streets into our churches like they once did. Instead, we need to:

  1. Identify a group of people that need something regularly
  2. Know where they go looking for a solution to that need
  3. Help deliver the solution on a physical level (it’s easier to get acceptance)
  4. Know how to make the turn towards the spiritual solution

So, where’s your well? Who’s your targeted audience? What’s the physical solution you offer? How do you use that solution to introduce people to Christ?

This is what effective church communications is all about.

Often we find ourselves like the Disciples; busy doing stuff for ourselves when we need to be constantly considering where to be sitting and waiting — for the Divine intervention that God will do through us.

We need to have:

  • An unexpected request ready to be asked
  • The willingness to make the unpredictable turn to the spiritual
  • An expectation of an unbelievable response

God wants to use us — let’s stop running programs that keep us busy for ourselves and start reaching out to a world that wildly needs something to drink. Where could your well be? Consider that a “digital” well is a go-to location that’s ripe for decision-making. Pursue it. Pursue your well today.

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