Commandment 2 – Thou shalt get your website designed. Well.

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what “design” means? Are you a designer? At PinPoint we have a random act called “what are you deciding”. At any time, anyone can ask another what (at that specific time) are they deciding to do. It has a lot to do with Design.

Very few things in the world happen randomly. Accidents perhaps, but rarely anything else. It’s because God is the Master Designer. We decide to put a certain shirt on to match our pants. We place the meat on one side of the plate and the vegetables on the other. We mow the grass in a diagonal pattern to make the lawn look bigger. Or we choose a font because we have always chosen it — or it’s the default. All of these are decisions — whether purposely decided or done as a reflex.

And anytime you make a decision to do something, you’re designing.

So, since you’re a designer, the question becomes “are you a good designer”? And what makes a good designer?

This is the challenge we face everyday at PCG. We’ve studied for years (4 years towards a bachelor’s degree for our designers) and we’ve worked in the industry for many more years. We know what “works” and the trends that sell. We know the research and the psychographics of web surfers.

When we design, we use these skills and experiences to make the right decisions. We make decisions faster and better because we’ve done them many times that day or week.

This may sound like a wholesale advertisement for PinPoint. But really, it’s an endorsement to use professional designers who understand your ministry and KNOW web (and print) design. The success of your website falls squarely on this decision.

Just because you can purchase computer programs that help build websites doesn’t make you a good web designer. It’s as foolish as thinking that buying a paintbrush makes you a professional artist.

Well… “what are you deciding right now”? Are you deciding to allow professional communication and design specialists custom build your website for the specific needs of your church? Or would you rather choose to “try it yourself”, or get someone in your church “who knows computer really well”.

The answer tells your congregation how important your website is to you.

We’ll talk specifically about what makes a website design effective in other commandments coming soon! Next up: Commandment 3 – Thou shalt strive for simplicity.

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