Secret Confessions of a Procrastinator

It’s time. There’s no time like the present. Seriously!

You’ve been putting something off. I think that at the heart of every entrepreneur is a procrastinator.

So what is it?

For me, several things come to mind. And I’m almost embarrassed to admit them on my blog. So you’ll keep them quiet, right? Let this be a secret just between you and me. Perhaps when I discuss them, it’ll motivate you to stop lying to yourself, and actually list some of the things you must complete.


  • Follow-up. There are a list of people that I need to talk to. I have to put people first and the other tasks and “urgent” things throughout the day aside. When I talk to people, I’m motivated, I get additional work and it makes me feel more valuable.
  • Encouragement. I need encouragement. And that means that others around me need the same. How easy it is for me to criticize — but it’s just as easy for me to encourage. Most time when I give it, I receive it. And even when reciprocation doesn’t happen, I’m demonstrating it in my life. And that’s worth it. I get to the end of a day and realize I haven’t encourage anyone. It’s going to stop!
  • Consistency. I preach it continually — yet it’s easy for me to want to be creative for the sake of creativity. I need to remind myself of our purpose and positioning at PinPoint. Then systematically look at EVERYTHING that we do to make sure it’s a consistent message. At the same time, I’m going to make sure that excellence “screams” from every communication piece. It’s time for the review.
  • Eat better. The fall is the time to pack on weight. In fact I was reading that the airlines assume that the average weight of a passenger goes up by 5 lbs in the fall/winter. Well, it’s not going to for me. I’m getting back on the exercise, healthy living bandwagon. I’m worth it. And my family/work is worth it too since I’m in better spirits when I’m feeling better about me.

Any others pop into your mind? Stop procrastinating… and do it! And feel free to hold me accountable to any of these.

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