Connect Better: Become a Pain Expert with Your Church

In church communication we try to connect with our congregation and community by becoming known for an audience’s needed solution. And ultimately, that solution should point to Jesus Christ. This solution becomes your brand; what you’re known for.

But, if you only lead with solutions, people may still not authentically connect with you.

It seems like everyone is trying to offer solutions! Our marketing-cluttered world is full of them. Sure, solutions still attract because they help heal wounds (like a bandaid slathered with ointment) but often they get ignored in the roar of marketing. There are other reasons for solutions to be ignored too:

What if they aren’t ready for a bandaid? What if they’re not aware or have become numb to their pains and concerns?

That’s when the church needs to be pain experts. Or even go as far as prodding a scab to remind people that they need healing and a therapeutic bandaid.

It’s like a doctor who quickly slaps a gauze on a wound without demonstrating she knows how one must feel and be understanding of the pain and what caused it. We believe she should help more.

Think your audience has become numb to the pain or forgotten that it’s still a cause for concern? Use your experience and knowledge of the pain to increase the value of the solution.

EXAMPLE: you may have a group who struggles with feeling they’re doing everything alone. They feel alienated and lost. Your church decides to help bring people together and create fellowship groups so that no one will feel alienated again. Your church becomes known for “better together”.

As you offer group activities and other solutions to get people to fellowship, you have to regularly talk about how people try to do things on their own, describing alienation and how empty that feels.

You become a pain expert. You present the painful condition so that your solution feels more authentic and desired.

In fact, nothing gains the attention of someone with a pain more than to hear it mentioned. Say “back pain” to a group and anyone who’s ever had back pain or is married to someone with it, will instantly listen. It’s that interaction that will lead them to seek or enjoy your solution.

TIPS: Regularly mention the pain you’re trying solve in your group. Tell stories of why you know it exists. Get people to give testimonials of how awful it is. As a church leader, make it personal if possible. It allows you to authentically share the good news of why you’re providing the solution.

More people will accept a solution from someone who understand and knows the pain. Just make sure you have a proper balance of not dwelling on it. Instead use your pain expertise to point to the value of the solution. “I once was lost trying to do things on my own. Perhaps like you I sat alone and struggled. Feeling defeated. But then I got involved with small groups and together they showed me it’s better. And ultimately I found Jesus. Now that’s really better. Together. With God.”

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