Does Church Cost Too Much?

Remember when you had to get up and walk (all the way) across the room to turn the TV channel? Or when you had to actually drive to a store to buy something? Or stop at a gas bar to ask for directions? Or go to the Library to research something? It’s hard to believe we once went to a Music Store in the Mall to listen to a sample of the latest release from our favorite artist.

Maybe this reveals my age. But as you read these things, you instantly think of the solutions we now have that allow us to do them differently, quickly, and effectively.

No one likes wasting time. Time is money. If you have a TV remote control next to your side, you wouldn’t take the time to get up. People are willing to pay for the convenience of a remote in order to save time. So why does someone take the time or effort to pick up the phone and talk to a store — even if they visited a website for the information first?

Pick an answer:
____ They couldn’t find the information.
____ They doubted if the information was correct.
____ They wanted to waste time.

People pick a solution based upon need. They either want to solve a concern or to help them reach a goal. The greater the concern the more someone’s willing to “pay” with time, effort or money. That’s why most people want the fastest, easiest, cheapest solution. But they’ll spend more time, more effort, or more money to get something if their concerns or goals are crucial and the solution is unique or rare.

Jesus said to follow Him there’s a huge cost (Luke 9). But we’re willing to “pay” it because He’s the only way to Heaven.

But what about the local church? There are many solutions to “fellowship”. What’s the cost of going to your church? Is it too much? It depends on how unique your solutions are.

Never abuse or misuse someone’s time, effort, or money. Or they’ll pursue another solution. Be Known for “cost” effective and unique solutions. It’s the formula for success.

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