Features vs Benefits

Want to make more Money? Ask someone what business they’re in and you get similar answers: I work for….. or I run… or we produce….

But if you switch to a sales-mode, you usually get the same thing when describing a product or service.


It drives me crazy! People love to list all the components to what they do or all the things that a product does. You hear: We have this line of products that…. or our widget has 4 components that… or we have the biggest selection of….

For years we’ve been helping our clients convert their features to benefits. And you need start doing that too!

Think about it. It’s what goes through your mind when you hear features. How will this product/service benefit me!?! If someone only tells you features, it requires you to make the connection to benefits. And most people won’t take the time.

picture-102You know those great Apple commercials for the iPhone? They could have bogged us down with all the features of the iPhone, but instead, they say a benefit (like “want to easily find directions to a great restaurant in your area?”), then boldly say, “there’s an app for that!”. Everything that’s listed before that phrase, is a compelling benefit to buying an iPhone.

Go ahead and try it today. Tell someone only the benefit of using your product — and you’ll find that people (if the benefit is compelling enough) will ASK about your product, rather than you forcing the product onto them. What a refreshing way to do sales!

Here’s the steps to take to convert features to benefits:

  1. Know your audience
  2. Know all your features but think about the benefits of each one.
  3. Know the benefit that specific audiences use on your product/service
  4. Watch the response, and try to hone in on the benefit that best suits your audience.
  5. Try asking your current clients why they use your product or service, this will help you find others like them.
  6. Reap the rewards.

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