Fox’s 24; 168 episodes too late

This weekend we’re celebrating our older son’s 15th birthday. For weeks my wife and I have been discussing what we should give our maturing son. 15 is a difficult year to choose the right gift! After weighing several different directions, we decided on the first season DVDs of the Fox series “24”.


Why? You may ask?

Well, he’s been mentioning that he’d like to watch the current season, and I figured he’d enjoy it more if he started from the beginning.

But I have a terrible admission. I’ve never seen even one episode either. So, I’m also interested in watching them from the beginning.

After hearing from everyone and their dog about how good it is, I wished I had started watching it when the series began. But I had a lot going on in November, 2001 — the first few months of PinPoint Creative Group were barely under my belt, and the effects of 9/11 were reeking havoc on our client base. So that’s the excuse.

And after 168+ episodes, I started watching the first episode with my sons this afternoon. I can see that the popularity is deserved (even after watching only 2 episodes — make sure you don’t tell me what’s going to happen!)

Something caught my ear in the first episode when Jack set out on his mission (and I barely know what it is right now). But his boss (who was left for dead a few minutes later) said to Jack, “Don’t trust anyone. And I mean anyone!”

What a horrible thought. Can you imagine if you couldn’t trust anyone?

So, who do you trust? Because, you’re on a mission too. You have a business to run, employees to manage and client’s to satisfy. That mission of “business” is so important.

I believe you have to have at least 6 groups of trusted people around you:

  1. Investors. This group is critical considering that you probably need money to operate your business. Make sure you can trust these people — even if they are “silent”. Make sure you know their expectations and they know your dreams. This builds trust. In times of recession, they’ll need to trust you if the profitability of your company isn’t there.
  2. Close Friends. This is a touchy subject for me. Friends are more than people on your Facebook or people you are acquainted with. I’m talking about people who are close enough to you to tell you the negatives. Just because you hear positive, encouraging things from people, that doesn’t make them friends. I want to have people who care enough for me that they warn me of things they (alone) see, and caution me about things I’m doing wrong.
  3. Employees. I don’t encourage hiring friends, but make sure the people you hire meet the qualifications for “friends”. If you ever sense that you can’t trust your employees, I wouldn’t keep them.
  4. Your family. Remember that these are people that love and want the best for you. If they’re not, don’t take business advice from them.
  5. Your clients. The joy of running your own business, for me, is the ability to choose (to some extent) your customers. I’ll never have a client who I don’t trust. In fact, I won’t work with someone who I don’t like. Life is far too short to deal with people you can’t tolerate.
  6. Your Suppliers. This is so critical to the success of your business! Remember that they are running a business too and they understand the issues you deal with. So share with them, ask them questions, and build mutual trust with them. Someday, you may need them to extend a payment due date. That takes trust!

Remember that trust takes time. And as Jack is finding out (on 24), don’t take trust for granted. Check it regularly. Once you have the right people around you, business will be more enjoyable and fulfilling. Can you think of another trusted group that I missed? Add your comments below!

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