Who doesn’t like FREE food?!?

I love freebies. And this past week I got a bunch!

Over the years as I’ve signed up for various e-blasts and restaurant clubs, I’ve listed my birthday. I’m not sure why, but it seems like I got a bunch of rewards when my birthday rolled around this year. They all seemed to come in on the same day (before my big day).

Want some free food? These are the ones I got this week. Just go to their websites and sign-up yourself… then wait and watch for some extra birthday gifts coming your way!

  • Wendy’s sent me $1 off coupon for when I signed up — AND a $1 off a combo for my birthday.
  • Applebee’s sent me a free appetizer for signing up and a free dessert shooter on my birthday.
  • Fox and Hound gave me a buy one entree get one free for my birthday AND a free appetizer for signing up.
  • Red Lobster sent me $5 off any 2 adult entrees.
  • Qdoba Mexican Grill sent me a free burrito for my birthday.
  • Baskin Robbins honored me with a free ice cream!
  • And so did Coldstone Creamery!
  • Chili’s sent me a free dessert for my Birthday and free chips and salsa for signing up.

Those are the ones I got this week — and they also send me special prices and coupons throughout the year. Pretty cool, eh?

As a business owner, have you considered doing something special for your clients/customers? How about an email sign-up on your website (or facebook) that gets some personal information from your customers? Or do you have any other cool birthday treats you’ve gotten? Let me know! Imagine what you can do with a bit more information!

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