Fresh Start. Refreshing Start.

For 12 years every August, we’ve prepared our sons to prepare for the start of their school year. And, even though it’s been decades since I was in ‘formal’ school, I remember the freshness of the fall when school was starting. Close your eyes, take a deep, deep breath, and remember what that feeling was like. Although it was always after Labor Day when we went back to school.

Now consider the things we remind our sons. And even though I’ll relay it to you the way we did with our sons this week, think about the way you can approach your business this fall. You can truly have a fresh start.

  • Have optimism. The only way to approach a new year is with optimism. If you allow pessimism to take hold, it will become self fulfilling.
  • Stop concentrating on the things they can’t control. There are so many things that we do control; if we focus on them, the ones we don’t control will have less control.
  • Have the right materials. Find out what you need, and get it. If it’s recommended, there’s a reason it was.
  • Pray for good Teachers. And ultimately, the teachers will make a difference. A classroom without a teacher isn’t a classroom. We all need people to learn from.

And once you have these things in place, the fall will be amazing. Especially if we put our entire effort behind our goals. This will be the best fall yet. Is there anything else your parents reminded you for the fall? Let me know!

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