Help! I need to be Found.

I remember when I was about 8 yrs old. I was walking in the downtown of the city that I grew up near. It was some sort of huge gathering. People everywhere. I wasn’t paying attention (even though this was clearly in a time I wasn’t preoccupied with a texting or game device). I just kept wandering until I remember that sickly feeling when I “snapped” into reality and couldn’t find my parents or my siblings.

I remember suppressing the urge to yell, “Help! I need to be Found!”

I walked for what seemed an eternity, each step that passed made me feel like I was going to burst. No matter what I did, how fast I walked, or how much I strained to see over the crowd, I couldn’t discover or be discovered by my family.

I was lost.

Strangely, many local churches are lost too. The Place that seeks and finds. There’s lots of people; but no one cares about the Church.

The predicament:

  1. The Church has an intensely important message to tell.
  2. They’re lost in a world of websites and companies offering “tangible” help.
  3. The Church has a bad rap. Public perception is working against the institution.

Some solutions:

  1. The Church needs to figure out a clear “benefit” message.
  2. They need to take on the negative perception head on. And start some good press.
  3. They need to practice good SEO practices. To be found on the internet.

There was little way I could become found by myself. Thanks to the police officer who helped me (quite easily); I was found by my parents.

This is what we do at BeKnownForSomething. Our process helps you identify Who needs to find you. Why they need to find you. What to say when they do. And How to use SEO principles that allow people (who don’t even know they’re lost) to find Christ.

Contact us today to get started!

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