How to Write Better - 5 tips

How to write better (5 writing tips for articles, sermons, etc.)

Churches create so much content, so it’s important to learn how to write better! Church content, even when spoken from a stage, often starts with a pen to paper. Or a blank document in a word processing program.

It can be scary and challenging!

How to write better when you have writer’s block

With just a blank sheet of paper, it’s often difficult to get started! And will anyone really want the content? These 5 writing tips will get you started and deliver content that will be read or listened to.

5 tips on how to write better (so it’s consumed)

  1. Identify your audience. Start here! Think stereotypically about describing the group God has given to you as an audience. Or think about a potential audience (be realistic though)! You can’t reach everyone!
  2. What are they searching for? When describing your group, consider what makes them unique. And what they’re seeking. Perhaps a need or concern they need help obtaining. Something that wakes them up at night or weighs on their shoulders all day. Perhaps it’s an unobtainable goal they want but just can’t. This step, alone, will probably suggest content ideas as you consider what they need!
  3. Niche down. Now, you may have too many ideas! Consider targeting a smaller audience based on needs, concerns, and goals. How to write better? Don’t target large groups or create content that’s too broad, with too many options. You’ll not cover it well in your limited time. And when people are searching for something, they often look for a solution that’s more specific than broad.
  4. Create a Relationship Funnel. Everyone’s on a path. Some are Christians who attend church regularly. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are those who don’t understand why anyone would consider a relationship with Jesus. But how many steps are in between? Structure your content so you lead from one step to another. Don’t try to move people much more than one step in the funnel (towards their ultimate goal). Use links online to take them to their “next”. In a Sermon? Give next steps: like Bible references, website pages, or ministry opportunities.
  5. Narrow Keywords. Once you’ve defined and refined your audience with a solution in mind that will move someone along their journey, you need to write. TIP: Say their name, speak their pain, with solutions to proclaim. Edit, based on keyword research (determining what people are searching for). Look for high volume keywords that are fairly easy to rank for (in search). Why is this important for how to write better? Whether someone is online, or in-person, you need to provide them with solutions that they’re seeking. Free keyword research tools (Google Keyword Planner, Keyword Surfer, Moz, etc.) lets you get into the minds of your audience and deliver great content that’s desired!

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