3 Essentials for your Website Bio

Pastor: 3 Essentials for Your Website Bio

Your congregation visits your website more than your community will. But both audiences are important. And where they look on your website is critical since both audiences look for different reasons.

Often your congregation clicks on your staff (or leadership) page to identify who’s in charge, additional personal details, and how to directly contact you. Your community, on the other hand, will visit your website before attending for the first time and will often find themself on your staff page to see if they’ll feel comfortable in your church. They want to know who you are!

Your bio is critical for both audiences. So here are the 3 essentials you need if you’re going to have a personal bio that they’ll find interesting:

  1. Current Photo: People look at your photo for very “shallow” reasons (but we all do it). They want to be aware of what you look like, if you look like them, what you’re wearing, and if you look like someone they’d like to listen to. Make sure your picture is current (in the last couple of years unless you recently made changes), that you’re dressing like you expect them to dress for a service, that your expression is friendly and approachable, that you’re not lost in the photo’s background, that your head size is about the same size as all the others on the page, and that your face is the most dominant part of your picture. This picture represents you and everything your church has to offer. Use a professional (yet not too glamor-style) photo. You’d hate to hear someone didn’t choose to attend because you didn’t look approachable or friendly!
  2. Contact Info: This is your direct link to them. Consider how they would want to contact you and provide that information. Will you get many calls or contacts? I hope so. This shows that you’re open, willing, and available to meet or answer questions. Many will want to connect through your social media so (if you have good posts) provide links. Others just want an email or phone number. Do not provide contact information unless you’re committed to responding within a reasonable timeframe. If you’re not? Consider what your calling is.
  3. Your Connection: You need to connect with people who are coming to look at you or considering attending your church. Many aren’t interested in your degrees or life details. Instead, concentrate on what THEY would be interested in (since they’re interested in your church). This isn’t really about you, it’s about them. If your brand thread (tagline) is all about relationships, make sure you explain why you’re qualified to lead in that arena. If you’re trying to get families to attend, talk about your family in such a way that people will connect with you on that level. Are you a church that’s trying to attract Imperfect People? Then carefully share why you’re an expert.

Your bio may be the reason that someone decides to come to your church or it may be the reason someone stays. It’s also the new business card since it’s easier to say “I’d love to connect with you. Go to our website under the About menu and find my contact information on the Leadership page”. This is much easier than to distribute cards to everyone in attendance.

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