Messages your Church Needs to hear

Pastor, 7 controlled messages your church needs every week

Every church member needs to hear controlled messages that are repeated so they understand and remember them. Often, when messages are left uncontrolled, the church member doesn’t know critical things that every Pastor wishes they did!

“Why don’t our people know?” is often asked in churches that don’t disciple well with controlled messages. Here are 7 controlled messages your congregation needs to hear every week: 

  1. The church thread. What do you want your church to be known for? Is it a benefit worthy of attendance? Or bringing in guests from your community? Make it simple, easy-to-remember, easy-to-use, and beneficial. Then repeat it enough so your members can say it out loud! Left uncontrolled, you’ll be known for many things; and therefore, nothing that will stand out.
  2. The welcome message. Are you glad people attended church? Then have a genuine greeting that makes them understand it wouldn’t be the same without them. And use your welcome to get them to anticipate the rest of the service (more than “this is going to be great”). It’s a good time to foreshadow an invitation (call to action) later in the service too.
  3. Benefits of in-person worship. Throughout the pandemic we emphasized how easy it is to view a service online. So, they did. It’s now time to give them reasons why the in-person worship service is beneficial. Not to shame the ones watching online but to control reasons why you think in-person worship is different/better than online attendance. It also reminds those attending in-person that it was good for them to be there. Make sure your in-person worship delivers what you promise though!
  4. The church leadership’s role. Sure, you understand the Pastor’s role but, more and more, members don’t. Let them know regularly what you do. If left uncontrolled? They think you only work on Sundays with a bit of preparation time for the sermon sometime throughout the week.
  5. The role of each member. If you have expectations for people who attend your church, it needs to be regularly told to them. If not? They’ll show up for a service occasionally and tell everyone they’re regular members. Many need to understand what an offering is!
  6. Why you receive an offering. Why are tithes and offerings important to you? Does your congregation know? For most churches, you’d never know it was an act of worship with the way it’s not emphasized like other worship elements. Tell them. Regularly.
  7. A call to action. We live in a world that is overwhelmed with communication noise. Because of that, most quickly browse over messages. The ones they remember? The ones leading to a very obvious call to action that they need. Don’t let your church service become part of the ignorable noise in their life, instead use controlled messages to lead them to a decision. Don’t assume they’ll figure it out.

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