First Coast Churches worked with the award-winning Be Known for Something non-profit organization branding team to create a visual brand (a simple and memorable organizational logo) to work with their thread (their real brand).

Do you need a non-profit or organizational logo? Here are 7 questions to tell. Great branding for an organization starts with understanding your audience (congregation & community), discovering your thread, and then getting a professional, scalable, and memorable organization logo (visual brand) to match.




Formerly called the Jacksonville Baptist Association (JBA), their leadership approached the Be Known for Something team to research, rename, and rebrand this dynamic collection of over 200 Baptist churches in Northeast Florida.

With the decline of many Southern Baptist associations across the United States, JBA’s leadership wanted to assess its strengths and weaknesses in order to pivot to something new. A non-profit organization that would be valued, relevant, and needed.

What they discovered? Many pastors desired close fellowship with others like them who were wrestling with similar challenges. But, sadly, many pastors were left feeling lonely and trying to solve their own issues. This was coupled with the issue that many weren’t fully aware of the benefits of being in the association! However, they were looking to be part of a group of pastors, wanting guidance, and ultimately seeking encouragement and motivation.

The JBA was willing to do what it would take to be that organization. First Coast Churches was birthed. So pastors wouldn’t feel alone.


First Coast Churches have become a place where ministry leaders of Northeast Florida (also called the First Coast) gather to learn and be encouraged. First Coast Churches’ pastors Don’t Pastor Alone.

While seeking the fellowship that’s so needed, they also discover best practices and instruction for ministry and navigating the complexities of leading a church. First Coast Churches feels more like a network of like-minded pastors than an old-school-sounding association. They have unified their purpose under their thread. Because no one likes feeling alone. Don’t Pastor Alone.


With their new name and a defining thread, a simple approach was needed for the First Coast Church’s logo.

In focus groups, the Be Known for Something team listened to pastors. They wanted to be heard and also given the opportunity to talk through ministry challenges. What better symbol to use for the First Coast Church logo: a speech bubble. The resulting logo felt simple, modern, professional, and was easy to recognize in all sizes.

The bold speech bubble logo was the perfect place for the thread. When a Pastor seeks a conversation, and they engage fellow leaders, they won’t feel like they’re alone. Great things happen. Fellowship.

The simple color palette comes from the natural beachscapes along the First Coast.


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NOTE: Be Known for Something works with our clients for limited periods to empower them with strategies and tips for effective church communication and church branding. We do not control their processes or standards long-term (including their current communication tools, channels, or content). We are always available to answer questions or give guidance.


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