Resurrect a Dying Brand

Easter is an important time for me (and millions of Christians). Jesus (who lived a sinless life) was crucified and buried. 3 days later He did what He promised. He arose. That resurrection empowers me because I put my full faith in Him to have power over death for me when I die.

NOTE: The title/content of this article doesn’t diminish the importance of Easter.

But some of you need a business “savior”. Your business is dying a slow death. You’ve seen all the signs (lack of motivation from staff, fewer revenues, profits aren’t even talked about anymore). You’re barely holding on. Soon, you’re going to have to lay it to rest. OR…

You need someone to come along and walk along side of you and help you resurrect the brand. Will you devote 3 days to doing it? If so; here’s what I would do.

  • Day 1. Revisit your Vision and Positioning. Take time away and remember the reasons you started your business. Hopefully not just for the money. There has to be a “greater” reason. You saw a pain in a community and you wanted to be their solution. Has the pain gone away? Has the community shrunk so that you don’t have enough audience? Who else is offering the same solution? What makes you different? It’ll take a whole day to deliberate. Research, call competition, write. Your product HAS to adequately be a solution.
  • Day 2. Given your audience (that it still has the problem and is large enough to grow a business on) and your product (that it’s a unique solution); you need to analyze what people will pay for it. The more “unique” the more they’ll pay. And you have to come to the realization that in order to run a business; you MUST charge more than it costs to provide. If not? You’re dead. Take a day to research what it’s costing you to produce and what you’re charging. One of those numbers has to change. Maybe both.
  • Day 3. Clearly sum up your last 2 days. Decide what is the most unique thing you offer (that speaks to the biggest pain) and figure out a vision for the future. Simplify it. Be able to say your solution in 1 simple sentence. Set goals. Write them down. Stick to them. Decide to communicate your solution to your audience.

There IS life in all of this. Clarity in thinking is half the battle. That’s why you should take 3 days and get away. Your brand’s life depends on it.

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