Step 4 for Saving Money – E-blasts

It used to be that a church who had the longest list of congregation addresses wins. It means you have a big church!

Well, it IS important to make sure you have the contact information to reach your audience. But the way you reach your congregation has changed. The Church still loves to send direct mail material out. But it’s so costly. (However, I realize in some instances, it works better than any other method)

Direct Mail. The cost of paper, printing, postage, etc. Those costs keep going up. So some churches have tried a PhoneTree system that sends custom voicemail. It cuts cost and allows people to retrieve the information at their leisure.

But perhaps there’s a better way.

It’s a customized (to your church brand) e-mail that looks and feels like your other promotional material. It’s custom directed to the people who requested the information. All you need to do is make sure you get email addresses from everyone (and keep them up-to-date).

This is the absolute CHEAPEST way to reach your group of people. And even better, it allows you to direct a lot of additional material to anyone who wants it. they simply click-through to your website.

80% of Americans have email. That’s huge! But you also have to consider the 20% that don’t — but this will reduce your costs for Direct Mail by half probably.

The process is simple too! We take your current “look” or “brand” and produce 1-3 templates that are housed on a password protected website. You upload your email list to a database manager and then you use the template styles to create emails. You choose the list you want to send to and PRESTO they get it.

But better than Direct Mail, they can opt out of receiving it (your prevention for your congregation accusing you of spamming). But even better, you can see who opens it! And if they “click-through” to your website to get more information.

With this analytic information, you can hone messages. Find out what colors, designs, and messages create the most buzz.

SO, it’s inexpensive, better and helps you know what your audience wants. What more can you ask for! We can get started today to save you money!

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