Stop doing these 3 things.

Ever felt like you’re wasting your time doing a bunch of stuff? It’s probably because the benefits are overshadowed by the work involved. You have a couple of options: change what (or how) you’re doing the stuff or STOP!

We’re busy people. I don’t have much extra time. And I’m sure you concur.

So why do we do things that don’t return the results we’re looking for? We seem to decide to do things; but rarely ever to stop doing.

PLEASE STOP doing these 3 things!

  1. Websites. Stop creating websites that have far too much content. Long paragraphs and more words than 50/page. Most people don’t stay much more than 10 seconds/page; and they don’t read any “dense” paragraphs. Why produce websites with these pages if no one’s reading them?
  2. Social Media. Everyone thinks they need to be on social media. If you don’t enjoy it, stop doing it. But get someone else to do it. Someone who’ll love it, make it interesting and entertain your followers. Why produce boring status updates and tweets when most people ignore them anyway?
  3. Blogs. A lot of people read blogs. But make sure they’re reading yours. If the analytics say that just a few people are ever going to the pages, consider stopping — or changing your content. And always keep your blogs to about 300 words. Why write blogs that no one are reading?

Of course, you can continue if someone is “forcing” you. Or if your counsellor recommends you vent somewhere. Other than that, I’d stop it. And change what you’re doing to get more time.

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