Stop Paying Subscription Fees

I think in the next few years, our lives are going to change. Mobile phones are taking over, their fees are being dropped as more people share the costs. Cable TV is becoming more mainstream with a lot of content available on-demand on the internet. For free. Internet accessibility is mostly included at most hotels; and entire states are considering wide-spread residential coverage. Fees are being reduced (or eliminated) and we’re gaining access to more and more.

I’m declaring that it’s (almost) the era of NO SUBSCRIPTION fees.

What does this mean to you? It means that your Church should stop paying regular subscriptions for having websites.

What?!? Yes. No more fees.

How? We’re introducing our Church Website Conversion Package that allows you to switch your content to an open source, interactive environment that allow you to:

  • Built-in simple content management system so you can easily keep your content up-to-date. Multiple passwords for individual sections is no problem either!
  • Church Consultant Recommendations for content and design. We use eye-tracking technology to make sure your content is found and that in engages your audience. And since Content is the #1 important thing on your site, we’ll help you develop the right information for your site. We know the Church and we know what your options are.
  • Plugins to add robust, interactive content. The best thing is that we build the outlets in the core website so the plugins can be added in the initial build-out or later when you have more budget.
  • Content Priority is key. The average person spends less than 10-seconds on a page so it’s important to provide the information quickly and within the 3-Click rule. The average person will click 3 times before leaving a site.
  • Editing of text is also offered to deliver your content quickly with eye-interruptions to catch attention in larger blocks of copy.

And all of this is offered with no monthly fees or subscriptions. Keep in mind you’ll have to pay for your hosting package (ours is about $100/yr) and some plugins that aren’t delivered in an open source programming world. But normally, the entire conversion package is completed for just one upfront fee. Then the site is turned over to you to easily update with the built-in content management system. Contact us for more information!

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