Supply the “Missing” Things. 3 Easy Steps.

My wife and sons have been gone for a few weeks. It’s a great opportunity each year for them to spend time with their grandmother, cousins, aunts and uncles. I wish I could spend the time away with them, but I can’t take that much time off.

I missed them a lot. Each for various reasons.

I missed my wife, the conversations, the life-sharing. OK, I missed her organizational skills, the house management and how well she does dishes and laundry. There. I admitted it.

My two teens are so different from each other. I missed the older for his intellectual and political banter; and strangely, I missed his “nothing”; which is his standard answer to my, “What did you do today?”.

My younger son; I missed his technology discussions, our “everything Apple” back and forth, and his quick wit and joking. And I miss how beautifully they mow the lawn (especially since we’ve had a long run of 90 degree weather).

This experience reminds me of what we do for branding and marketing of a product or service.

It all starts with determining the head space of your audience. Take a moment, close your eyes and imagine your audience. Put yourself in their shoes.

  1. What are they missing? Everyone can’t have everything. Therefore, your audience needs something. In order to determine what that is, think about the basic needs of a person: Basic Biological Needs, Safety, Belonging, Esteem, Self-Actualization, Transcendence. Where does your product/service fit?
  2. How long have they missed your product/service? Do they realize it yet? This helps you understand whether you need to promote a new product/service… or educate. Critical to saving money!
  3. Convert this need to a benefit you can offer. Not so easy; however, since you’re in their head space; ask yourself, “Why do I need this, how is it making me feel, how’s it benefiting me?” That’s the message you need to use.

I love having my family back. Plus, I love talking about the importance of determining the message of selling your product/service. It’s the start of great things ahead. If someone truly needs your product and you communicate the benefits of it properly — you’ll have success!

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