The 1 Thing Every Business Must Do Now!

It’s 2010 and you want to run your business well. The internet and websites are expected to be in your business plan. I certainly hope you have a website you’re happy with. But more importantly, I hope you’re generating business from your website and that your current clientele is happy with your website.

What are all consumers looking for in a business website?

Relevant content.

That means that the information on your website must have at least the appearance of being up-to-date, accurate and informative.

Let’s not skip that first point. Up-to-date.

That means that you need to have an easy way to create new content, update old or aging materials and keep your site current.

Every year in January and February, I’m amazed at how I go to so many websites and they haven’t even changed the date in their copyright. Crazy!

Want to take the first step in making your web traffic feel comfortable? Then change your copyright information. Now! If you don’t have an easy way to do that, consider getting us to do it for you. Then we can show you how we can convert your website so you can easily change your information. It IS 2010. There are many options available to you! Contact us today!

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