We’ve just sold our house. We decided to do it “for sale by owner” and after 17 days it’s under contract and now all the inspections are being done. It seems like the stress of selling has now turned into the stress of buying.

When we decided to sell, we started doing the research. Watching HGTV. TLC. Talking to others who have gone through the process. We redid landscaping, updated our kitchen, reworked plumbing and staged our home so there is curb appeal. And I guess it worked.

When I think about the poor housing market we’re in, I wonder why people list their house and don’t do fairly easy things to make their house more appealing. I’m sure you can image the atrocities that we’ve seen. And I’m talking simple (!) things that could have been done. If you don’t have the knowledge, at least hire someone to do the work.

A house is such a major investment. Probably your single biggest purchase or sale. So why not put some TLC into it!? A small investment, reaps big rewards.

The same can be said about your business. You’ve invested a lot of time and effort into developing a product. Why wouldn’t you pay an expert to create a brand for you. A logo. A website. A brochure. Some things are best left to the experts. We produce professional, timeless materials that work. They sell your business. Give you curb appeal.

When we drive down a street looking for a house, we drive by the ones that look like they haven’t been worked on. Or have a shoddy appearance. Who knows, the insides could be wonderful, but the outside keeps us from looking inside.

How about your company? What potential client “walks” by the outside wrapper of your company and rejects the inside because of the outside? It’s a shame. People with money (!) decide not to leave any with you — because of poor marketing materials. It’s worth it to invest a little — and get business in the long run.

Start your renovations today! There’s ways to save money along the way — we can help you. It’s easier than you think! Call us at 866-534-7632 or email us at

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