Want Better Ministry? 2 Things To Do Now.

I just renovated our master closet. I enjoy home renovations; but for reasons most wouldn’t guess. I love to take a “problem”, create a plan; then watch the plan create the solution (step by step). Before and After images are the best way to show the transformation.

Is your Ministry in need of a transformation? Are there “issues” that need to be resolved? Do you think there’s a better way?

Then there’s 2 things you MUST do now. And I’m assuming you are committed to ministering the way that Christ did.

  1. Research your Audience. It sounds so obvious. But your ministry needs to focus on your audience. The people currently coming; and the people who should be coming. Chart them, talk to them and listen to them. Know them. Remember that a more targeted (similar) group is easier to reach.
  2. List your Products. Go through a regular week and start listing everything you do for your audience(s). Yes, everything. List the features, the reasons why your audience comes. And maybe rate each thing based on impact or attendance. Try not to weight the analysis based on your personal preference; instead consider Biblical direction and audience preference.

This process will do several things. It starts to identify problems, lets you start thinking about how you can start solving the problems, but most of all, consider what you learned about your audience, and what they need or want; then see how your products can solve their “pains”. Once you identify the “benefits” of your ministry (from this analysis); you can revolutionize your ministry.

And that’s what we call your brand. Start thinking benefits today! And ditch anything that isn’t needed. It’ll free up time and resources while keeping your audience happy (and give them a reason to invite others)!

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