Welcome to Canada!

For the last 8 years we’ve been excited that the Winter Olympics is coming to Canada. We’d planned way back then that we’d go to the opening ceremonies as a family.

3 Obstacles.

Money. The tickets to the games can easily run well over $1000. Each! Then to fly there as a family would cost a couple thousand dollars. Not to mention the price or availability of rooms. At this time in our lives, we don’t have that kind of money.

A Wedding. My nephew chose the one weekend that the opening of the Canadian Winter Olympics launches. So we’re on our way (driving) to Indianapolis to celebrate with my brother’s family. Family is easily more important than the Olympics.

Distance. Most people realize the distance across the United States. It’s a long way from New York to Los Angeles. It takes a long time to fly it, let alone drive it. But if you look at an accurate map, you’ll notice that the shape of the US starts slightly “pinched in” at the bottom and swells outward as its sides go north. Then Canada (which is attached to the top) continues the West/East expansion. I’m from eastern Canada and for us to travel from the east to the west, it’s almost 60% farther than the New York to Los Angeles trip.

So. Do you think your potential audience has the desire to come to your business?

Have you considered the obstacles?

No matter how much I wanted to go to the Olympics this year, it’s just not possible because of the obstacles.

Here are some potential obstacles that you’ll need to overcome for your customer:

Money. Don’t have one price structure. Always have a multi-tiered pricing strategy. A low-cost solution that will welcome those with a small budget, and have the higher-priced option for those who want the luxury package. I know I’ve been to a steakhouse and I’d be willing to pay quite a bit for a REALLY good steak, but they didn’t offer the highest quality steak. They didn’t get the money from me that they could have.

Previous Commitments. Make sure you consider what your audience is doing (outside of coming to your business). Are your hours convenient? Home Improvement stores need to be open before the early morning crews go to the job site; but have to also be open the weekends and evenings for the homeowner do-it-yourselfer.

Distance. Where’s your audience coming from? Can you deliver to them? (remember that when the delivery cost appears to be nothing, it’ll help the sale) Can they purchase on your website? Download it directly from your URL? It’s easier than you’d think — and it’ll expand where you can reach your audience; and the greater the area, the greater the audience.

Your product development and what you can deliver is important, but be sure to overcome the obstacles. Or you’ll end up with potential customers like us. We’ll be watching the Olympics from a hotel room in Indy. Welcome to Canada!

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