WFX Houston 08 – A Time for Optimism

I’m squished into a cramped row of strangers on the flight from the Worship Facilities Expo and Conference. Soon I’ll be home. I love attending the WFX – and this time, like usual, was very good! I’m always amazed at the people I get to see. What a wonderful opportunity to meet with several clients from across the nation and catch up on their ministries and companies.

I’m also amazed about the amount of Pastors, techies and church members that arrive from almost every State (and Canada!) to share in this event. And, as usual, I heard similar messages.

I heard people concerned about our economic future.

Some churches (including Lakewood Church, pictured above) haven’t felt it at all. But they still wonder what the future will hold. Pastor Joel Osteen remarked, “Our offerings are still increasing slightly and our attendance is holding it’s own.” He went on to say that “we keep preaching God’s word about stewardship and offerings, and God’s people are responding.”

This brought to mind the simple fact that we NEVER know the future. Even if polls, talking heads and forecasts say one thing, it’s never a guarantee of what lies ahead. Instead we trust in a God who’s never let us down in the past, and He promises that He won’t let us down in the future.

So why do we fret about the economy? It seems like a lot of leadership I talked to at the show have determined that “money will follow vision” as one of the keynote speakers exclaimed. So, I would make sure you have a vision for the future – based on the fact that God’s called us to build His kingdom here on earth. He’s sovereign. And money will arrive as needed.

The other encouraging subject that I continually heard was “God’s been blessing us and we’re considering what kind of building we need” or “Our church is a great fellowship of believers and they’re demanding better communication materials”.

Websites, direct mail, signage, blogs.

During the conference I had the privilege of sharing with approx. 200 individuals about how to makeover their church websites. An awesome group of people. They responded with questions and comments that were encouraging.

The church is finally catching up with technology. Small churches, medium churches and well, large churches need to catch up too! They want to do amazing things without overpaying for materials.

But the good news is: they want to improve and move forward! That’s optimism for the future. That’s why we’re involved in this Conference. PinPoint wants to continue to advance God’s ministry as we develop new, cost-effective, improved ways to help brand ministries and churches.

And we’ve always worked with all budgets. We’ll continue to improve our services and products so that the materials we do for growing businesses are available to you. Let us know how we can help!

And if you’d like the PDF of the presentation just email me with your contact information (Church name, your name, address and email address) and I’d love to send it to you!

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