What’s Your Label Look Like?

I was in a store recently and someone had been messing with the signage. It seemed like everything was mixed up.

It reminded me of the age-old prank where you take labels off of canned goods (in someone’s pantry) and reattach them to the wrong cans. Or perhaps I may be dating myself.

We design product labels. There are so many things to be aware of. Regulations, ingredients, brand, descriptions, etc.

We all know how important labels are. My mouth starts to water at the sight of some labels. A label identifies, attracts, and promises certain things.

What does your business “label” look like? If you don’t know, I can guarantee your customers know — and they expect certain things each time they “reach” for you. And if they were honest, you’d be surprised at what some think your label states.

Can you imagine how many ideas for your label could exist? Possibly as many ideas as you have customers.

So why leave it up to your customers? You should show and demonstrate the same “look and feel” every time you have contact with an audience. So that the “promise” is told to them, delivered to them, and followup on.

If not, confusion will happen. Just like labels becoming all mixed up.

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