Where’s Your Congregation Coming From?

Today was a cold day here in Winston-Salem. Down in the teens this morning. It’s a historic stretch of very cold temperatures for NC.

As our family climbed into the truck to make our 10 minute trek to church, the truck groaned and squawked with each crack in our driveway. My son, who begged to drive (since he has his permit), commented on the weird sounds, as I played Father GPS. “Turn your blinker on” “Stay in your lane” “Slow down before taking this turn”

We arrived at our “regular” parking spot, all thankful to have made it. We walked quickly across the street and into the service. Then proceeded to our gym-turned contemporary auditorium.

Seeing some of the younger families arriving reminded me of the way we used to arrive with small children and realizing that my wife and I hadn’t talked at all as we raced to get the kids out the door.

We all come from different experiences!

Have you ever considered the state-of-mind when families and people arrive at your church? Most Pastors arrive early and have rehearsals or prayer times that focus them to Worship. Most of your families are far from that.

  1. Be sure you create an atmosphere that meets families where they are. Welcoming and mindful of where most of your congregation is “coming from”. Not just physically, but psychologically and spiritually.
  2. Create a transition. Once inside the auditorium, what atmosphere will help the transition?
  3. Once the service starts, consider how your congregation will react to the first things.
  4. Then consider the transition back to their “real” lives. How can you motivate them, encouraging them and have them thinking about the things they’ve learned?

In ministry it’s easy for leaders to think we’re as focused as they are, but for the most part, we’re not. Shaping the service for the congregation allows for a better experience with changed lives!

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