Word of Mouth made Easy in 3 Easy Steps!

Want to increase your business? Grow it wildly to something you couldn’t even imagine?

Then you need to work on your “word-of-mouth” strategies.

We often are told by business owners that they don’t want to do a formal advertising campaign, but instead they think their revenues only come from (free) word of mouth.

OK, let’s be real. You need to have a brand properly developed (logo, color/font palette and positioning), then you need “word of mouth” to work in conjunction with your advertising and/or direct mail strategy.

But how do you increase word of mouth referrals? Here’s 3 ways:

  1. Facebook/Twitter: get accounts and start talking. Not overtly like an ad, but be open and authentic. Share with your friends why you love your products. Start giving some away and creating fans.
  2. Demos: choose an active place that has your target audience — call and ask someone in charge of that place, if they mind you coming and giving away some of your product. Take the time to feature your benefits.
  3. YouTube: This is often overlooked. Make simple videos featuring the benefits of your product. Make sure they’re properly tagged with good keywords. Then start communicating that the videos exist by posting links on blogs, social networks, etc. And watch the fun begin!

Be sure to always talk benefits — and if they’re really compelling — you’ll increase revenues almost instantly. Good Luck!

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