Blackrock Baptist Church worked with the award-winning Be Known for Something church branding team to create a visual brand (a simple and memorable church logo) to work with their thread (their real brand).

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Nestled on the sunny coast of Northeast Florida, Blackrock Baptist Church and the community of Yulee, welcomes many retired couples and families. Because of its proximity to Fernandina Beach, this area has become a more affordable place to retire or a great place to experience a new life.

New families (with or without kids) are moving here for something new. To start afresh.

Their desire? To experience rejuvenation. For their lives, families, and occupations.


Blackrock Baptist Church, over the years, lead high-quality ministries for the entire family. Now, they’re watching the community grow all around them and wondering what message would unify their ministries and get the communities attention. What can they say as a simple, controlled message that would resonate in this growing area? That would be needed by most who drive passed their doors.

This church wants to get the attention of those wanting to press the reset button. And then use that engagement to point to Jesus (who offers an eternal reset).

Blackrock Baptist offers Refreshed Living for the soul.


To accompany and represent the thread of Refreshed Living, Blackrock Baptist Church wanted a simple symbol that showed a symbolic reset button.

This isn’t just an ordinary reset though. The church logo shows how those in the circle of living who choose to repent at the cross, will immediately experience a refreshment of purpose and move up and ahead with a new forward perspective.

The logo’s circle is always open for whosoever to enter. Welcoming those moving to the community for something new to discover that the Gospel needs to be on its path. Come for eternal Refreshed Living. Leave with purpose.

Their color palette comes from beach, ocean, and sky colors.


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