Victory City Church worked with the award-winning Be Known for Something church branding team to create a visual brand (a simple and memorable church logo) to work with their thread (their real brand).

Do you need a school logo? Here are 7 questions to tell. Great school branding starts with understanding your audience (congregation & community), discovering your thread, and then getting a professional, scalable, and memorable church logo (visual brand) to match.



Drawing on a large, growing southwest suburb of Chicago, Joliet First Assembly, wanted to define their exciting ministries. Deciding to rename and rebrand their church in a process to get their community to listen again.

Focus groups were conducted where church members were listened to; as well as a very important community group (people who were aware of the church’s ministries but didn’t attend). The internal audience loved being asked questions and the community discovered more about how much love is in this church!

This dynamic Assemblies of God church services were known for the quality of preaching and spiritual experience. People attending often couldn’t put words on the optimism that was felt. “It’s like a supernatural touch of God”.

Their audience is seeking what’s possible for them and their families. They’re tired of negativity and problems. There must be something better! “I’ll even try church as a solution” “It’s worth my time”.


Joliet First Assembly Church is about hope, conquering sin, and victory in Jesus’ name. Realizing the communities’ disconnect with their name, the leadership chose Victory City Church to get people’s attention. Then, the ministry team during a brand retreat, united vision and purpose under the brand promise of Experience the Possible.

The church’s new name and thread begin to tell a story that the community is looking for!

When God’s Word is heard in the dynamic worship experience of Victory City Church, the audience sheds negativity and understands what God has for them. He wants the best. Never harm. Once repentance is real, anyone can Experience the Possible.


Together, during the coaching structure of the Be Known For Something communication retainer, the very talented Victory City Church communication team designed this simple logo.

Incorporating the idea of a maze that symbolized the complex lives of families. At a quick glance, it creates a V for Victory symbol as well as a checkmark that is recognizable as a standalone brand.

This church logo has a positive, bold, can-do attitude. You really can Experience the Possible!

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NOTE: Be Known for Something works with our clients for limited periods to empower them with strategies and tips for effective church communication and church branding. We do not control their processes or standards long-term (including their current communication tools, channels, or content). We are always available to answer questions or give guidance.


We love them and they loved working with the Be Known for Something Church Branding Agency!

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