First Baptist Jonesboro worked with the award-winning Be Known for Something church branding team to create a visual brand (a simple and memorable church logo) to work with their thread (their real brand).

Do you need a church logo? Here are 7 questions to tell. Great church branding starts with understanding your audience (congregation & community), discovering your thread, and then getting a professional, scalable, and memorable church logo (visual brand) to match.



What was once a predominantly Caucasian area has now become diversified with a vibrant population of many ethnicities.

Rather than settling for their historically, mainly-white congregation, the dynamic ministry leaders chose to reach out to everyone in the community… to share the love of Christ with all people and truly do Life. Together.


Paths crisscross as life is conducted together with others, creating a mosaic that represents a diverse community doing business, enjoying leisure time, and exploring their spiritual side.

The cross that appears within the symbol demonstrates their core belief that, through Christ’s sacrificial death on the cross, we are able to do Life. Together.

Think community, life, work, and church has to be divided? Think again. This is the place that brings Life. Together.


Why a circle? Because there are no “corners” in their ministries. Together, life unfolds in the openness of conversation and transparency found within the teachings of Scripture.

This contemporary symbol also represents the traditional stain-glassed windows that adorn their beautiful buildings. The hand-script of their thread tagline demonstrates a personalization of the benefit offered at this church. We… can do Life. Together.


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NOTE: Be Known for Something works with our clients for limited periods to empower them with strategies and tips for effective church communication and church branding. We do not control their processes or standards long-term (including their current communication tools, channels, or content). We are always available to answer questions or give guidance.


We love them and they loved working with the Be Known for Something Church Branding Agency!

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