Kingwood United Methodist Church worked with the award-winning Be Known for Something church branding team to create a visual brand (a simple and memorable church logo) to work with their thread (their real brand).

Do you need a school logo? Here are 7 questions to tell. Great school branding starts with understanding your audience (congregation & community), discovering your thread, and then getting a professional, scalable, and memorable church logo (visual brand) to match.



People for years have moved to Houston to be part of the oil industry. 

Recently as the oil industry has struggled, many, who thought they would “hit it big”, have found despair and disappointment. 

Kingwood, a suburb of families trying to find a better lifestyle in this up-and-coming community, collectively call out “there’s got to be more”.


When you’ve tried almost everything to improve your life, yet discover nothing is as it’s promised, is a challenging place.

Maybe, even a church, can offer More to Life than the world. Authentic community, genuine fellowship, spiritual direction, and it’s all based on Jesus: Who offers more than anyone could ever imagine!


The symbolized K (Kingwood) matches the tall lush trees that reach over the streets of beautiful Kingwood.

The logo’s leaves sprout from the strong foundational trunk as a sign of expectation and growth. 

The colors symbolize growth and believability for anyone on the quest for a better life.


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NOTE: Be Known for Something works with our clients for limited periods to empower them with strategies and tips for effective church communication and church branding. We do not control their processes or standards long-term (including their current communication tools, channels, or content). We are always available to answer questions or give guidance.


We love them and they loved working with the Be Known for Something Church Branding Agency!

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