Life Community Church worked with the award-winning Be Known for Something church branding team to create a visual brand (a simple and memorable church logo) to work with their thread (their real brand).

Do you need a church logo? Here are 7 questions to tell.

Great church branding starts with understanding your audience (congregation & community), discovering your thread, and then getting a professional, scalable, and memorable church logo (visual brand) to match.




In our growing communities, many don’t perceive any benefit of a local church. Life Community Church decided to tell them with a church rebrand.

Be Known For Something, partnering with the talented strategists at Vessel Marketing, helped focus Life Community Church leadership to simplify their ministry under one thread. Knowing if the church concentrated messaging under one controlled message that was sought, they would be heard again.

Demographic research revealed many in their reach area were seeking more. They wanted positive reinforcement. But grounded in truth. Someone who had their back like a good friend. Someone who will point out flaws but a church that wants the best for them.


Life Community Church has many ministries and outreach opportunities because they love their community (near Greensboro, NC). This church has the backs of all the unique demographic groups. But… they love their audience (congregation and community) so much that they want to introduce them to the One who died for them!

Jesus is With You. For You. And so is Life Community Church.

An effective church branding thread gets attention, starts a story, and connects with the Gospel (in a subtle way; since our world isn’t always seeking a spiritual message). It also calms messaging so you become known for it. Life Community Church is With You. For You.


This simple and unique church logo, designed by Vessel Branding and Marketing (our partner in this project), uses a shape that’s reminiscent of an L (for Life), repeated to create a + symbol. This positive symbol demonstrates how the church is FOR them!

It also evokes the idea of an intersection in life (Life Community Church is also at a prominent intersection on a busy highway). Many decisions must be made at an intersection! In life, often we need help making the best decisions.

We all approach intersections regularly, we need advice, encouragement, and purpose. We need a friend. But who is truly in our corner? Who is a trusted friend?

Seek no more. Life Community Church is With You. For you.    Just like Jesus.


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Life Community Church | With You. For You.
NOTE: Be Known for Something works with our clients for limited periods to empower them with strategies and tips for effective church communication and church branding. We do not control their processes or standards long-term (including their current communication tools, channels, or content). We are always available to answer questions or give guidance.


We love them and they loved working with the Be Known for Something Church Branding Agency!

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