It’s the Big Game day!

Today, we celebrate a national holiday — or at least so it seems. We’re having a large party to honor athletic men scrambling for a ball while unfit people eat, drink and cheer for their favorite team.

Ah, football. But this “big game” day has some interesting facts:

  • Usually one of the largest American sports TV audiences
  • 2nd biggest eating day next to Thanksgiving
  • Most expensive advertising evening of the year ($3M average ad this year)
  • The big championship game was named after a kids’ toy called the “SuperBall”.
  • Superbowl was only a temporary name; the originator thought a better name could be found.
  • There was no SuperBowl before SuperBowl IV. They were called Championship Games.
  • 92% of households in America tune in some time during the game.
  • The broadcast is passed around the main networks – except ABC doesn’t broadcast them any more.
  • SuperBowl became the sole legal trademark to the NFL in 1985
  • You can’t have a party with the SuperBowl broadcast on a screen larger than 55″. (Unless you regularly broadcast sports)
  • There has never been a SuperBowl scoreless at halftime.

The NFL knew they had something with their “superbowl” — and now they protect it. With a passion! In fact they tried to trademark the name “the big game” three years ago, but failed.

As a business owner, come up with a concept, develop it and if necessary trademark it. It’ll pay off for you — just like it has for the NFL. I hope you enjoy the game!

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